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Boon Innovative Digital Classrooms

The Innovative digital class room is designed to impart the knowledge from the teacher to the student in a post modern method, that the teacher can spare more time and creativity with his/her pupil and the students can best grasp the teacher in a modest way. Innovative Digital Class room is an all in one interactive, collaborative and multimedia experience designed to capture the imagination of any type of learner or student to best understand what he was told. It will revolutionalize the process of teaching from the traditional auditory method (from mouth to brain through ears) to the visual experiment (From the screen to the brain through ears and eyes).Visuals will surely help our pupil to understand the things in their on way rather than that of the teachers’ way. The multiplication chart of 2 minutes or a small poetry or rhyme of 5 minutes are usually forgotten after a few weeks, but the story told in the form of a movie cartoon of 30-45 minutes or in the form of a motion picture of 2.5 hours are remembered even after months. It shows what is the impact of visual effects and expressions in the learning or understanding process. Here we can use the technology of INNOVATIVE DIGITAL CLASS ROOM to implant a new teaching and learning experience, to help our young buds imprint their foot prints and contribute big to rebuild our Nation.

Children & IQ

The children of these years are of high Intelligence quotients comparing to those of 10 years back and the teaching method was different. The story of Fox and Crow OR Tortoise and Rabbit are olden stories and the modern day students would not accept it. Teachers are used to recite these stories to explain the themes and concepts in different contexts. This was in the era of auditory methods and the average child was sparing his free time with the nature where he can see the crow, fox and rabbit. But now-a-days most of our young students are the contemporaries of digital age and the resulting characters. Their living circumstances are leading them such a way and we can see that most of them are sparing their free time with the animated cartoon characters or often are the fan of such build up characters. Thus an Innovative digitally deigned teaching method with the visual effects will sure help the teachers to make the lesson plan at par with their IQ.

The Core Ingredients

The solution of Innovative Digital Class Room is the prompt mix of some hardware products and software solutions. The proper performance of the hardware is depends up on the software incorporated and the platform for the performance of software is the hardware products. The solution is constructed with the following key elements;

  • 5. UPS
  • 7. PODIUM


It is an electronic Board with white surface that can be fixed on wall with brackets or on stand alone brackets. The Board is worked with the software incorporated and power supplied through USB Cable. It is available in various sizes and different configurations. The most suggested size is of 6 X 4 Feet.

General Specification of Interactive White Board A

Internal Resolution  

2730 points (lines) per inch

Output Resolution   

200 points (lines) per inch

Tracking Rate

200 inches/ second providing a fast response to  pen commands          

Output Rate              

120 coordinate pairs per second

User Input                 

Cordless battery-free pen incorporate tip switch and side switch for full mouse functionality

Digitizing Technology         

Electro Magnetic Sensitive

Screen Surface         

Low glare melamine providing an efficient

Projection surface

Screen Format         

4:3,16:9,16:10 available



Operating Temperature       

0°C - 50°C (14°F - 122°F)

Storage Temperature           

-20°C - 70°C (-4°F - 158°F)

Power Requirement

USB Powered device

Operating System 

Windows VISTA,MAC OS 10.4.11 and above, Linux Ubuntu 8.04

Connection to System     


Pen weight                

25g (0.9oz)

Screen Size

1700 MM


The ceiling mountable Multimedia Projector is to display the contents from the desktop of a system in the Interactive white Board and the Brand of projector can be from the empanelled list like SANYO, View sonic, DELL, Epson ..etc.

Minimum Requirement/specification of the Projector:

  • 2500 ANSI LUMENS
  • 1600:1 Contrast Ratio
  • XGA OR SVGA Display
  • DLP/LCD Technology
  • Ceiling Mountable


The syllabus content of the representative class (with all the subjects) are installed in the computer system incorporated with the solution. So that the Desktop or lap top shall be with the minimum configuration of:

2.0 Ghz Or equaling - Processor with a 2 MB L2 cache,

250 GB                      - Hard Disk Drive with 7200 RPM,

2 GB DDR                  - RAM with 1066 Mhz FSB    AND

Mother Board with inbuilt Graphics and Sound Card, PCI Inter phases, Integrated Sound & USB ports. 


The interactive white board is working with pictures and sound  so that the sound can be casted through the loud speaker .A sound system with 400 watts are supposed and can be adjusted according to the minimum sound requirements and the size & strength of the class room. There is a sound recording system and the voice of teacher can be recorded and can be repeated as and when required. The complete activities done by the teacher including the sound can be send  to the mail box of the students as mail. The Microphone incorporated with the system is used to speak and capture/record the voice of the teacher. Micro Phone can either be fixed on the podium or in a stand alone table OR can be attached on the ears of the teacher as wireless headphone and mic.


5. UPS

The UPS is very essential to safe guard the equipment and the works done in the Inter active Whit Board and system. A minimum capacity of 600 VA is recommended for the UPS and the capacity can be increased according to the backup required for the class room. A 600 VA UPS with 7 AH internal battery will provide a backup time of 15 – 20 minutes only. The higher KV UPSs or the Generator system  is suggestible to ensure the smooth functioning of the class since the AC power is fluctuating.


The total content of the School syllabus, from LKG to 12th standard/Grade students according to CBSE, ICSE and State English Medium incorporated in the software. The subjects mainly covered are Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, English Grammar and general references of History and Geography. A data base of about 40,000 questions for medical/engineering entrance test also are developed. Thousands of different question papers can be generated from this data base on a random basis.

Software is classified in to 2 , one is for KG Students(LKG-std 4) and the other one is for higher class students(5th – 12th STD)

The examples and pictures are arranged in two patterns ie ,2D ands 3D.We are giving more important to 2 D Pictures because it is more helpful to the teacher explain the things and the studies reveals that 2D Pictures are more helpful to the students also to grasp the things in an easy way ,so that will help them to reproduce what they got to the answer sheet of examinations.


Both the software and the Whit Board are interactive and the teacher can add his/her own contribution to the study aids. Since it is customizable teacher gets an opportunity to lead the class more constructively as they are not arrested/restricted on the readymade content. Only the teacher know his/her students grasping capacity rather than the software developer and they can provide the things the way students’ psychology requires.

A web based community of teachers is there with our solution and the visitors are teachers. A reference library of millions of pictures and animations are attached. Here we provide the opportunity to develop own database and collection of animated examples to each teachers and to the School as a whole within a short period if they are working with the software.


The Podium is arranged in the class room for teachers apart from the table available. It is meant to safe locate the instruments in the classroom rather than to speaker/arm rest. The amplification system (optional), the Computer,The UPS and the Micro phone can be arranged in the podium and it can be locked to safeguard the instruments. Lectern also can be fixed on the floor in case of expected harmful movements of the unit. It can be made out of wood or with the iron rods and plywood sheets. The micro phone can either be fixed on the lectern or on the ears of the teacher as wireless headset. Loud speakers can be attached to the lectern or can be fixed on the wall in traditional way.

As a safety measure the Interactive White Board fixed on the wall can be covered with wooden frame in such a way to open and close when ever requires. So that we can avoid the unauthorized operations, unexpected hits and pressures, safe guard from dust and moisture…etc.